Chairman's Message

Mr. Abdulla Al Marzooqi

Manager - Group Health, Safety & Environment Unit
Abu Dhabi National Oil Company (ADNOC)

On July 11, 1972, some of the major oil and shipping companies in the Gulf Region came together to form one of the oldest oil spill response mutual aids organisations in the world, the Regional Clean Sea Organization (RECSO).

Their environmental commitment to the territorial waters of the Arabian Gulf was the ultimate driver to agree on establishing the basis of sharing oil spill response resources across the members.

We believe that over the years since the establishment of RECSO; It has developed both the experience and expertise to deliver a wide range of oil spill response and marine environmental mutual aid services.

Our strategic hub based in Dubai, UAE supports the development and achievement of the members’ requirements, services and activities such as hosting of environmental workshops and technical conferences, equipment rental and maintenance, spill prevention, response, protection, contamination of marine and coastal environment / crises and disaster management and training to those who are members.

Furthermore, RECSO members are committed making a positive contribution to the Gulf environment, the lives of our employees, customers and the surrounding communities in which we serve as member companies. Needless to say, RECSO stands for local, regional and global partnership to protect the Gulf environment and to preserve this fragile environment for the next generations.

Thank you!

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