Regional Clean Sea Organisation (RECSO) has specialist training courses in

  • Maritime Activities & Terminal Operations
  • Environmental Protection
  • Oil Spill Prevention, Control & Response
  • Health, Safety & Environment
  • Any other related subjects of upstream & downstream of oil industries

Auditing & Evaluation

  • Provide a number of services relating to the auditing and evaluation. Among these services would be the ability to audit or establish benchmarks for the capability of RECSO members/nonmembers to respond to Tier 1, 2 or 3 spills.
  • Audit oil spill and hazardous materials response equipment; maintenance schedules and procedures; Incident Control Systems and Incident Management Teams; training courses; health, safety and environment systems; and associated plans and procedures.
  • Also co-ordinate and run oil and chemical spill response exercises to test the preparedness of RECSO members and non-members. These can be either desktop scenarios targeting management, plans and procedures or field exercises examining training and the operational response capability of the organization. We can also conduct an extensive number of training courses to maintain a suitable level of preparedness for members.


Conduct operational evaluations to determine if the equipment, training and personnel of other organizations are adequate for the risks that are present. This will be accomplished by conducting a risk assessment, determining possible response options and developing a complete system that will deal with the risks appropriately.

Provide marine consulting services for security, protection and preparedness of all types of facilities. This includes force protection and small craft protection for installations and vessels. We can also undertake site inspections for contaminated sites or hazardous sites and provide services to return these to a safe working condition.


Provide services for equipment maintenance and repairs. Widespread experience with all types of oil and hazardous materials equipment and can modify existing equipment to suit specific applications if required.

Service Provider

This will be provided through a highly competent and skilled team. All data, information and recommendations will be classified as strictly confidential and the property of the consignee.

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